Wine transportation

wineFatton wine2Transports (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.  as specialist freight forwarder to the Wines & Spirits trade for two decades,   we  guarantee the perfect transportation from the collection of the wine up to the delivery  in Taiwan.


From small wineries to large corporate operations, we have the knowledge and facilities to accommodate any and all aspects of Wine logistics.
Our customer service is our number One priority and your satisfaction is our guarantee.
By Air or Sea, under Reefer or Dry container a professional staff in Wine & Spirits Transportation is always at your service to ensure smooth and trouble-free delivery of your wines, beers and liquors.

Bulk shipping in Flexitank is an attractive option for the wine industry and it delivers proven advantages.
The Flexitank is an equipment that transforms a standard 20ft container into a tank for
transportation of liquid products.
Environmentally  and Economically, shipping wines in bulk can decrease the transportation cost by half –
A Flexitank can hold up to 24.000 liters while a single 20’ container can hold up around 10.500 Liters.

Fatton Transports (Taiwan) propose a large set of insulation products (Thermal Blanket for a single pallet or for a full container, reefer container, insulated single pallet box…)  to protect your fine wines from heat shock during  Sea or Air transportation.  Our team can guide and offer you the most appropriate product to ship your delicate wines in a safe manner.   ….. Ask an expert…


Is your cargo insured ?

Fatton Transports (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. handle all cargo with personal and professional care, but we also acknowledge the risks of transportation.
That is the reason why we recommend taking out cargo insurance in order to cover the risk of unforeseen events that may cause damage to or loss of cargo.
We provide cargo insurance through Taiwan two biggest insurance group.