Fatton Transports (Taiwan) Co., Ltd, with years of experience in perishable food industry, our team of experts has developed customized solutions to suit individual product specifications  (cheese,  seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products,   confectionary products…) from Europe to Taiwan  by  Air and Sea freight services.

Perishable food is time and temperature sensitive. Maintaining a consistently correct temperature along the supply chain for perishable products is essential to our customers. Our Cold Chain Logistics’ experts can provide your cargo not just with proper transport and storage requirements, but also a  temperature range control.

We also provide our customers with the fastest transit times possible, an important factor in the cargo’s shelf life.

We offer professional packaging services designed for your sensitive goods.

Our packaging methods include:

  • Dry Ice for frozen goods, Refrigerant Packs for chilled products, insulated shipping boxes and containers.

The safe handling and transportation of your perishable products is our absolute priority.

Is your cargo insured ?

Fatton Transports (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. handle all cargo with personal and professional care, but we also acknowledge the risks of transportation.

That is the reason why we recommend taking out cargo insurance in order to cover the risk of unforeseen events that may cause damage to or loss of cargo.

We provide cargo insurance through Taiwan two biggest insurance groups.